Switzerland–Singapore Celebration at Paragon Shopping Mall

Today is the start of Switzerland and Singapore Celebration exhibition at Paragon shopping mall in Orchard Road. The Embassy of Switzerland organised this exhibition to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations with Singapore. However the exhibition is closed to the public until 6pm today. Anyway even though I can't access until 6pm, I could still see the exhibition outside the barrier. 

Switzerland is one country that I'm going to visit in my life. It's a really beautiful country that is like heaven on earth. I've have collected and brought lots of Switzerland travel related books like Lonely Planet and maps prepared by Switzerland tourism board. Today, I went to Paragon shopping mall hoping to get free Switzerland travel guide books. I asked one of the staff if I could get Switzerland guide books that were on display and she kindly gave me all the travel books even though I'm couldn't access the exhibit yet and I didn't want to stay till 6pm. Maybe next year I travel to this beautiful mountainous country. Every night, before I sleep, I will read Switzerland travel guide books that feature scenic mountainous view with placid lake and imagine I'm there breathing the crisp clean air in this beautiful country. It is actually quite cheap to travel to Zurich. A return flight ticket with Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Zurich costs about $1300.00 and its about 13 hours journey. If I go to Switzerland, most probably I plan about 2 weeks there and will explore the country with their efficient and. beautiful train. 

The exhibition features Switzerland culture and innovation and will end on 13 August. There are also interesting activities. For me I like the virtual reality goggle that made me feel like exploring Switzerland in 360 views. I could just change different views by turning my head. Anyway I returned back to the exhibit again to see what is inside the exhibit. 

 I think 2 weeks should be sufficient to explore Switzerland.
 Free travel guide books at the exhibition!
 I'm quite risk averse so I'm not going to ski there. Maybe I go there to make snowman. I haven't touch snow yet.

Swiss invention: Swiss knife

 Swiss alphorn is used by Shepherds to call the cows from the pastures and into the barn at milking time. 


I like this virtual reality device which allows me to explore beautiful Switzerland in 360 degrees view.  

 Not many people as the exhibit is only opened to the public at 6pm today. 

 Exploring  Switzerland must travel by train.
Cow bells are worn by cows.


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