i Light Marina Bay 2016

It's the March holiday for students and there are abundant of free activities for kids and families this week! One of the free events you can attend is the i Light Marina Bay!

This year light art festival will features 25 enchanting and environmentally sustainable light art installations in the heart of Singapore Marina Bay, transforming the area to a gigantic art installation. If you are in Singapore from 4 to 27 March, lucky you! 

Besides admiring the art light installations, there are also fair and PasarBella where you can buy snacks and drinks like beers and enjoy the food in our beautiful and enchanting Marina Bay area. 

Last Saturday, my cousin and I took about two hours to explore the art installations and explore the fair where they sell cute accessories,clothes, food, utensils and cute plants. We had a great time and I was so happy to see beautiful arts in my country. 

Date: 4th to 27th March 2016
Time: 7.30pm to 11.00pm daily.
         Extended to 12.00am on Friday and Saturday 
Location: Marina Bay Waterfront
How to get there:
You can alight at either BayFront MRT station or CityHall MRT station 
For CityHall MRT station, its about 15 minutes walk from the MRT to Esplanade theatre. 
Website: http://www.ilightmarinabay.sg/en/About/i-Light-Marina-Bay

One of my favourite museums in Singapore is ArtScience Museum which is located next to Marina Bay Sands shopping mall. 

 There is a funfair with many interesting rides and games for kids to enjoy.
 Throw the dart and hit the balloon and you'll win prizes.
 I wanted to try this maybe next week.
Singapore financial district. Seriously people are still working late on a Saturday night?
There was a Kidfest going on. I thought it was for adults. 
 Ground Control to Major Tom by Singaporeans. You can enter the spacecraft and smile for the camera! Behind this art installation are Singapore Flyer(left) and Helix Bridge (right).
 The iconic Marina Bay Sands and ArtScience Museum.
 The Cloud by Kenny Hong. This art installation is inspired from Biblical book of Exodus. "The Cloud is symbolic of God's presence, which guided and protected the people of Israel in the wilderness."
 Inside the Marina Bay platform, there is a mini fair where you can shop.
 Beautiful pots and utensils.
 In the Helix bridge walking towards Marina Bay Sands
 Beautiful Night View of Singapore Marina Bay
 What a Loving and Beautiful World at Art Science Museum. Chinese characters like 花 (flower), rainbow, flowers and universe are projected on the Art Science Museum.

 Inside Marina Bay Sands shopping mall
 Pasarbella outside Marina Bay Sands shopping mall where you can buy beers, snacks and enjoy free performance.
 Free outdoor performance at pasarbella
 You can chat and have snacks with your friends at the seats available at Pasarbella
 Fries cost $5 per box and chessy fries costs $7 at Pasarbella.
 A cyclist donned in very bright LED clothes.
 There are interactive art light installation whereby you move the art and it generate giant bubbles as shown above.
 Forms and more forms as this machine moves up and down relentlessly. 
 Groove Light designed by National University of Singapore Architecture. This beautifully lamp generates geometric shadow patterns when it moves up and down.
 The mysterious Emograph by Latvia artists. Apparently it measures the visitor’s pulse and transforms it into a bright mosaic of colours and sound when a finger is inserted into the installation. 

You can pen your messages to your loved ones on these small plastic sheets.
You can find out more of the various light art installations here


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